Paris based sound recordist / sound engineer, Yannis Baxevanakis has worked on productions which varied from TV docs, commercials as well as short films for brands such as IWC Media, BBC, BMW, EDF or KPMG to mobile recordings for classical and wolrd music for major artists such as Olivier Gardon, Adbel Rahman El Bachat or Ara Dinkjian.

Fluent in English, French and Greek he is used to work with crews of different nationalities and with great adaptability to their particularities.

He onws a complete sound kit for ENG, Documentary or TV ready to go. (Detailed list into the «Gear» page)

His dedicated to the creation of emotional and evocative sound prints through the creative use of high quality audio gear. He aims to create sound that communicate the directors vision and always look-out for the best possible result.

You can find his complete credit list here...